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Soil Quality Laboratory

Sequester C as LIFE ... studying living ecosystems is about trying to study higher forms of intelligent life.

sequester C as LIFE is entirely driven by the NEED to sustainably optimizing quality of soil for the long-term fitness of the soil to accomplish human purposes.

It's immediately about what the owner of the soil needs to accomplish... but it telescopically throughout the ages to include those purposes are about very the long-term or of benefit to others.

Soil quality depends upon productivity in LIVING soil ecosystems ... it's not primarily about the barren, lifeless realm of chemistry, moleculess, information or artifical intelligence, even though those things matter a great deal as inputs for improving LIVING soil ecosystems.

Our motto is sequester C as LIFE ... we improve quality for the sake of improving long-term productivty and while maximizing immediate value in every sense of the word.

In case there was any doubt, we see any and all insanely stupid marketing verbiage that is about making a business "carbon free" as being proof of fundamentally INSANE, but dangerous imbecility.

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    Sequester C as LIFE.


  2. biskit biskit Public

    Forked from graik/biskit

    A Python platform for Structural Bioinformatics


  3. bio-attribute-ontology bio-attribute-ontology Public

    Forked from obophenotype/bio-attribute-ontology

    source files for OBA (Ontology of Biological Attributes)


  4. pretext pretext Public

    Forked from PreTeXtBook/pretext

    PreTeXt: an authoring and publishing system for scholarly documents


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    Forked from biopython/biopython git repository for Biopython (originally converted from CVS)


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    Sequester C as LIFE. Only LIVING things develop intelligence. Carbon-based ecosystems develop from carbon-based neurochemistry.


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