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How to Report an Issue

If you would like to report a problem you find when using you-get, please open a Pull Request, which should include:

  1. A detailed description of the encountered problem;
  2. At least one commit, addressing the problem through some unit test(s).

PRs that fail to meet the above criteria may be closed summarily with no further action.

A valid PR will remain open until its addressed problem is fixed.


为了防止对 GitHub Issues 的滥用,本项目不接受一般的 Issue。

如您在使用 you-get 的过程中发现任何问题,请开启一个 Pull Request。该 PR 应当包含:

  1. 详细的问题描述;
  2. 至少一个 commit,其内容是与问题相关的单元测试。不要通过随意修改无关文件的方式来提交 PR!

不符合以上条件的 PR 可能被直接关闭。

有效的 PR 将会被一直保留,直至相应的问题得以修复。

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