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How to Contribute

you-get is currently experimenting with an aggressive approach to handling issues. Namely, a bug report must be addressed with some code via a pull request.

Report a broken extractor

How-To: Please open a new pull request with the following changes:

The Travis CI build will (ideally) fail showing a , which means you have successfully reported a broken extractor.

Such a valid PR will be either closed if it's fixed by another PR, or merged if it's fixed by follow-up commits from the reporter himself/herself.

Report other issues / Suggest a new feature

How-To: Please open a pull request with the proposed changes directly.

A valid PR need not be complete (i.e., can be WIP), but it should contain at least one sensible, nontrivial commit.


  • The develop branch is where your pull request goes.
  • Remember to rebase.
  • Document your PR clearly, and if applicable, provide some sample links for reviewers to test with.
  • Write well-formatted, easy-to-understand commit messages. If you don't know how, look at existing ones.
  • We will not ask you to sign a CLA, but you must assure that your code can be legally redistributed (under the terms of the MIT license).