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:arrow_double_down: A YouTube/Youku/Niconico video downloader written in Python 3
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You-Get is a video downloader for YouTube, Youku, niconico and a few other sites.

you-get is a command-line program, written completely in Python 3. Its prospective users are those who prefer CLI over GUI. With you-get, downloading a video is just one command away:

$ you-get

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Supported Sites


Python 3

you-get is known to work with:

  • Python 3.2
  • Python 3.3
  • Python 3.4
  • Python 3.5
  • PyPy3

Dependencies (Optional but Recommended)


You don't have to learn the Python programming language to use this tool. However, you need to make sure that Python 3 (with pip) is installed on your system.

On Linux and BSD, installation made easy with your package manager:

  • Find and install packages: python3 and python3-pip (if your distro did not make Python 3 the default, e.g., Debian)
  • Or packages: python and python-pip (if your distro made Python 3 the default, e.g., Arch)

On other systems (which tend to have quite evil user experience), please read the documentation and ask Google for help:

1. Using Pip (Standard Method)

$ [sudo] pip3 install you-get

Check if the installation is successful:

$ you-get -V

2. Downloading from PyPI

You can also download the Python wheel for each release from PyPI.

If you choose to download the wheel from a PyPI mirror or elsewhere, remember to verify the signature of the package. For example:

$ gpg --verify you_get-0.3.30-py3-none-any.whl.asc you_get-0.3.30-py3-none-any.whl

3. Downloading from GitHub

Download it here or:

$ wget -O
$ unzip

Use the raw script without installation:

$ cd soimort-you-get-*/
$ ./you-get -V

To install the package into the system path, execute:

$ [sudo] make install

Check if the installation is successful:

$ you-get -V

4. Using Git (Recommended for Developers and Advanced Users)

$ git clone git://

Use the raw script without installation:

$ cd you-get/
$ ./you-get -V

To install the package into the system path, execute:

$ [sudo] make install

Check if the installation is successful:

$ you-get -V


1. Using Pip

$ [sudo] pip3 install --upgrade you-get

Getting Started

Display the information of a video without downloading:

$ you-get -i ''

Download a video:

$ you-get ''

Download multiple videos:

$ you-get '' ''

By default, program will skip any video that already exists in the local directory when downloading. If a temporary file (ends with a .download extension in its file name) is found, program will resume the download from last session.

To enforce re-downloading of videos, use option -f: (this will overwrite any existing video or temporary file)

$ you-get -f ''

Set the output directory for downloaded files:

$ you-get -o ~/Downloads ''

Use a specific HTTP proxy for downloading:

$ you-get -x ''

By default, the system proxy setting (i.e. environment variable http_proxy on *nix) is applied. To disable any proxy, use option --no-proxy:

$ you-get --no-proxy ''

Watch a video in your media player of choice: (this is just a trick to let you get rid of annoying ads on the video site)

$ you-get -p vlc ''


Q: Some videos on Youku are restricted to mainland China visitors. Is it possible to bypass this restriction and download those videos?

A: Thanks to Unblock Youku, it is now possible to access such videos from an oversea IP address. You can simply use you-get with option -y

Q: Will you release an executable version / Windows Installer package?

A: Yes, it's on my to-do list.

Command-Line Options

For a complete list of available options, see:

$ you-get --help
Usage: you-get [OPTION]... [URL]...

Startup options:
    -V | --version                           Display the version and exit.
    -h | --help                              Print this help and exit.

Download options (use with URLs):
    -f | --force                             Force overwriting existed files.
    -i | --info                              Display the information of videos without downloading.
    -u | --url                               Display the real URLs of videos without downloading.
    -c | --cookies                           Load NetScape's cookies.txt file.
    -n | --no-merge                          Don't merge video parts.
    -F | --format <STREAM_ID>                Video format code.
    -o | --output-dir <PATH>                 Set the output directory for downloaded videos.
    -p | --player <PLAYER [options]>         Directly play the video with PLAYER like vlc/smplayer.
    -x | --http-proxy <HOST:PORT>            Use specific HTTP proxy for downloading.
    -y | --extractor-proxy <HOST:PORT>       Use specific HTTP proxy for extracting stream data.
         --no-proxy                          Don't use any proxy. (ignore $http_proxy)
         --debug                             Show traceback on KeyboardInterrupt.


You-Get is licensed under the MIT license.

Reporting an Issue / Contributing

Please read first.

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