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Scenery of Russia for FlightGear Flight simulator.
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Scenery of Russia for FlightGear Flight simulator.


  1. Open "Custom_materials" folder and merge data inside it with $FGDATA folder. It will overwrite 3 files in your $FGDATA folder.
  2. For better aeronavigation, freshest data on airports, presented in this scenery pack it's better to merge data in folder aeronav/fgdata. In this step some data in $FGDATA will be overwritten, but with equal or more fresh data.

Running: If you run FG via commandline, you need to do this thing:

  • Add path to scenery: --fg-scenery=/home/path-to-scenery/Project-Russia (my example with terrasync data: --fg-scenery=/home/soitanen/Project-Russia:/home/soitanen/Terrasync)

Information: Scenery is based on OSM linear and polygonal data. Currently it have this list of airports (may be different degree of quality):

  • UG23 - Gudauta, Abkzhazia
  • UL0A
  • ULDA
  • ULLI - Saint-Petersburg, Pulkovo
  • ULLP
  • ULLV
  • ULLY
  • ULSC
  • ULSG
  • ULSK
  • ULSM
  • URKG - Gelendzhik
  • URMT
  • URRR - Rostov-na-Donu
  • URRW
  • URSS - Sochi, Adler
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