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An-24B for FlightGear flight simulator

Credits: FDM and systems, programming - Michael Soitanen ( Initial 3D model and texture, some systems and programming - Adrian ASI - helijah Artwork - Orvil Some 3D instruments were taken from Tu-154B-2 by Yurik and Yak-40 by Specter.

===================================================================================== QUICK STARTUP-GUIDE (to be improved (with pictures (and such (like, as pdf))))

  • On AZS(circuit-breaker)-Panel (big panel with MANY switches at right side of crewsection):

    • Close ALL circuit-breakers (best by clicking the "all-on"-clickspots to the right of each row)
  • On Fuel-Control-Panel (extra-panel on pilots' middle panel):

    • Turn on all switches at the bottom, except middle one (cross-feed, optional)
  • On Left Horizontal Console:

    • Turn up cut-off switch next to green and red lamps
  • On Engine-Start-Panel (sunk panel on pilot's left console):

    • Press lower black/white button (wait for TG-16 APU start, indicated by green lamp and tachometer)
    • Put 2nd switch in top row up to position "lev" (left) and press upper left black/white button (AI-24 engine start)
      • left engine should spool up and start
    • Put 2nd switch in top row down to position "prav" (right) and press upper black/white button (AI-24 engine start)
      • guess what's supposed to happen!
    • Press lower right red/grey button once, APU stops
  • On Left Horizontal Console:

    • Turn down cut-off switch next to green and red lamps
  • Below pilot's left panel:

    • Put on switches "AGD", "EUP", "CGV" (number 4,5,6 in this row); watch left AGD (AI) spin up
  • Below F/O's right panel:

    • Put on switches "AGD", "GIK", "GPK" (number 1,2,3 in this row); watch right AGD (AI) spin up
  • On pilot's left panel:

    • Press little black/white button below AI until indicator of KPPM (HSI) doesn't move anymore
  • On F/O's right console:

    • Look out for a big compass rose and a device with two knobs above it
    • Set latitude on right knob and use left knob to turn big compass rose to heading indicated by KPPM
  • On middle console:

    • Put on second switch of AP-control, wait for orange light ("AP ready")
  • Below pilot's left panel:

    • Left 3-way switch: choose appropriate steering setting (up: taxi, middle: OFF, down: takeoff/landing)
  • In GUI "an24b":

    • Select "Realism setting" and/or "Tiller steering"

================================= QUICK IMPORTANT INSTRUMENTS GUIDE

  • SPU-7 Communication device:
    • Located at all four workplaces; what and who you listen to on your headphones, who you speak to on your mic (workplace specific)
    • Turn up "Listen"-volume by turning up left upper volume knob, set desired source on central knob:
      • "UKR" (1) and "DR"(4): R-802 I* and R-802 II*; VHF
      • "SR"(2) and "KR"(3): US-8k*, R-836*; HF/AM
      • "RK1"(5) and "RK2"(6): Radiocompass ARK-11 I*, Radiocompass ARK-11 II*/RSBN*; AM
  • Current configuration
  • R-802 VHF
    • Located middle overhead left (I) and right (II) side; I is memory device, II is frequency select device
      • Turn up volume knob
      • Set desired frequency on II, store this frequency in I by clicking screw in I -> frequency will be stored in I at currently set channel*
      • Set channel on I, click screw on II -> II will tune to currently selected channel on I*
  • Not as in RL; in RL, memory of I is "programmed" preflight and has no influence to II nor is influenced by II
  • ARK-11 ADF:
    • I and II located at Navigator's workplace, second II on overhead; like R-802 with memory device (buttons 1-9)
      • Push down the upper "P"-button from the left section of memory buttons -> device now ready to set frequencies
      • Set desired frequency by left knob: frequency ranges, middle one: rough setting, right upper one: fine tuning
      • Push one memory button 1-9 to store frequency*; station, frequency and range should appear on table; repeat as desired
      • With "P"-button pushed again (up), pressing memory buttons will "recall" set frequencies
    • ARK-11 modes:
      • "Comp. 1" (1) and "Comp. 2" (4): like "ADF" mode, frame/loop antenna turns automatically, to/from known
      • "Ant." (2): guess!
      • "Frame" (3): manual turning of frame/loop antenna by l-r-antenna switch, volume and instrument above indicate direction, to/from unknown
  • Not as in RL; see R-802
  • AP-28l1 Autopilot
    • located at back of middle console; Roll Select; Altitude, Pitch, Course/Heading Hold
    • Connect by either pressing "d" or big button -> Wing level* and Pitch Hold
      • Top row switches/knobs: Pitch up/down, Roll angle, Pitch up/down
      • Middle row switches/buttons: switch Autotrim, switch Power ON, big button, switch GIK or OFF or ZK-mode, switch Pitch ON/OFF
        • "GIK": Current course indicated by GIK; "ZK": Heading select by ZK
      • Lower row buttons/lamps: 2 Lamps Autotrim intervention, Button Wing Level, Lamp and Button Altitude Hold
  • Should be Roll Hold I think?
  • Anti-Ice System
    • On F/O's right console: PPD pitot and static port heating; up position: ON; middle: OFF; down: control
      • Left switch: Pitot A1 (pilot's KUS-730) and static ports S1 and S5 (pilot's KUS-730, VAR-30 and UVO-15)
      • Middle switch: Pitot A2 (FDR and emergency pitot for A1) and static port S3 (FDR)
      • Right switch: Pitot A3 (F/O's KUS-730) and static ports S2 and S6 (F/O's KUS-730, VAR-30 and UVID-15 and UVPD-15)
      • Upper switch: Static ports S4 and S7 (altitude correction KV-11)
    • At bottom of F/O's right panel:
      • From switch 4-8: 2x right window (low and intense); astrocompass*; wing, tail and nose; prop hub and blades
    • At bottom of pilot's left panel:
      • From switch 2-3: 2x right window (low and intense)
  • not on this plane!
  • Pitot and Static Port Pressure valves
    • On pilot's left console (two red levers):
      • Back one: A1 -> A2*
      • Front one: S1 and S5* -> E1 (emergency port in radar chamber)
    • On F/O's right console (one red lever):
      • S2 and S6* -> E2 (emergency port in radar chamber)
  • also see "Anti-Ice System"


An-24B for FlightGear flight simulator






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