The server-side API component of ether_house to store state and stuff.
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This is the API server for ether_house project. Client software runs on an Arduino and interacts with this API.

In designing the software, I aimed for longevity. I want the software to continue to run for many years without maintenance. I decided to use golang.

  • Go binaries are statically compiled, which means the same binary I compile now will continue to run on new platforms for years to come.
  • With godeps I can include all compatible libraries together with no external dependencies, regardless of their long term state.
  • I use Heroku to deploy the code. Heroku is free for small installs and a stable platform. They can probably keep this server up better than I can.
  • I use a DNS name I can control for service discovery. This gives me the flexibility to change platforms over time if necissary.


This is an API server. It isn't really designed to be useful to humans. All it really does is store shared state and configuration for ether_house clients as they report in.


  • golang 1.3 (1.2.1 seems to work too)
  • memcached
  • heroku (optional)


Using heroku

  • Install heroku, get an account, log in with the tool

  • Clone this repo

  • Make a copy of the secrets file and make your own secrets

  • Create an app

    Use the golang buildback

    heroku create -b

  • Enable Memcache (optional)

    heroku addons:add memcachedcloud:25

  • Push

    git push origin heroku

  • Push your secrets

    make push_config

Locally on Ubuntu

# cd to directory containing this code
sudo apt-get install go
export GOPATH=$HOME/gopath:`pwd`/Godeps/_workspace
go get
sudo apt-get install memcached
go build .


The client uses HTTP in combination with an API key to authenticate and authorize. A compromised API key means someone can change the stored state associated with that key, as well as retrieve the mac address associated with that API key.

This key is considered a simple shared secret. If you want new ones, change the file and program the new key on the arduino.