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Pre-built Postman ( collections for multiple versions of Element OS
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Pre-built Postman ( collections for multiple versions of Element OS.

Postman is an API testing suite that makes it easy to test formatting of API calls. Collections are provided in this repo for multiple Element OS versions. Collections have all calls organized for easy identification.

We provide an MVIP variable in all commands to simplify use. You can define this variable by going to Manage Environments and adding a new key:value pair Key: MVIP Value: The Management VIP for SolidFire cluster

Please keep in mind that this tool can, and will, execute commands on active systems. We recommend always test on non-production targets.


This script/resource is written as best effort and provides no warranty expressed or implied. SolidFire support is not responsible for the content of this resource. Please contact the original author if you have questions about this script/resource. Please help support and answer questions for content you develop and make this community great

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