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This is the first-time check-in for a tiny, open source robot which uses the HTC Vive Lighthouse for 2D position and orientation tracking. Picture below with nickel for scale.

Fully Assembled Zippy

This repository includes all the details you need to get a Zippy up and running, including the following...

  • 3D models built in SketchUp for the entire body of the robot that can be easily exported to STL files and printed on a 3D printer.
  • A complete list of all the parts required to build the outer body of a Zippy.
  • A schematic for a circuit designed to sense IR signals from a single HTC Vive Lighthouse to enable highly accurate (sub-millimeter) localized positioning and orientation.
  • The software and hardware required to allow your Zippy robot to move around on your floor all by itself.
  • An iPhone app that will allow you to control the Zippy directly and aid in debugging over Bluetooth.

All of the items above are built and ready for check-in. I plan to make YouTube videos available in the future demoing the fully-assembled robot and going through the details of the assembly process. Stay tuned.

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