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Toolkit for developing stateless, event-driven, declarative API systems


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A collection of code generation and libraries to for API development.


  • Define your declarative API in .proto files
  • APIs are defined by top-level protobuf messages in .proto files
  • Run Solo Kit's code generation and import generated files as libraries into your application.
  • These libraries provide an opinionated suite of tools for building a stateless, event-driven application.
  • Currently only Go is supported, but other languages may be supported in the future.
  • We are looking for community feedback and support!


See test/mock_resources.proto for an example of how to use solo-kit. These protos are generated using the root level generate.go file.


  • clone repo locally
  • gather dependencies: go mod download
  • import cmd.Run(...) into your own code gen code


  • re-run whenever you change or add an api (.proto file)
  • api objects generated from messages defined in protobuf messages which have the following requirements fulfilled:
    • option ( = "mk";
      option ( = "mocks"; metadata = 7;
      // Optional status = 6 [(extproto.skip_hashing) = true];
  • run solo-kit-gen recursively at the root of an api directory containing one or more solo-kit.json files
  • generated files have the .sk.go suffix (generated test files do not include this suffix)

upgrading to v0.12.0 (solo-kit with go.mod)

As of go 1.11, go began introducing support for go modules, its dependency management system. As of solo-kit 0.12.0 we will officially support running solo-kit with go.mod outside of the GOPATH.

This change has been a lot time coming, but it also means a few changes to solo-kit.

As there is no more GOPATH, we cannot rely on the GOPATH as a method of vendoring/importing .proto files. This means that we needed a new way to reliably import protos outside of the GOPATH. Therefore we created protodep. More information on that can be found here.

Chief among the new changes is that the local vendor_any folder has become the solo-kit source of truth for both .proto files, and solo-kit.json files. The GenerateOptions struct now takes in a protodep config. An example of this can be found in generate.go. This is how solo-kit know how to vendor in the protos it needs to run. If this config is nil a warning will be printed, as technically this is valid, but will most likely lead to an error.