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Budgie Site

Static, Hugo-based home of Budgie Desktop. This website makes used of:

  1. A custom theme, in themes/budgie.
  2. Custom layouts and importable "fragments" for separation and modularizing of common components, within layouts.
  3. Website content itself, including blog posts, in content.

This does not include the LESS-based styling for the website. That is developed separately at the budgie-site-styling repo.


New Post

To create a new post, call hugo new PATH. For instance, hugo new blog/welcome-to-the-new-site.md would create welcome-to-the-new-site.md with our default configuration in the content/blog/ directory.



To get started on Budgie site development, run make setup on your Solus system. If you're not on Solus, you'll need to:

  1. Install hugo 0.18.1 or above.
  2. Run git submodule init.

Next, run make sync to sync the latest CSS and JS and ensure they are copied over the appropriate directories.

Local Server

You can start up a local server by calling make local in the budgie-site directory. This will expose the site on

Note: You should not need to restart the server when doing changes. Hugo does file watching across all the things.


To compile the website in preparation for deployment, run make deploy. This will create a public-deployed folder which can be uploaded to the server. Make sure you run a make sync prior to deployment, to ensure you have the latest CSS and JS.

Note: This really only applies to the Budgie Desktop website administrators but since the Make recipe exists, may as well document it.


You can easily benchmark Hugo compilation by running make benchmark. You will get an output similar to:

Average time per operation: 170ms
Average memory allocated per operation: 114037kB
Average allocations per operation: 1299640


I use 4-char wide tabs, not spaces, in everything except the YAML files. I know, I'm a monster.


  • Budgie Site: Apache 2.0
  • Information on Budgie Widget icon licensing can be found here.
  • Adapta GTK Theme logo licensed under CC-By-SA 3.0
  • The Arch Linux, Manjaro, and openSUSE distribution icons shipped in imgs/distributions of our theme's static directory are graciously provided by the Paper Icon Theme and are licensed under CC-By-SA 4.0.
  • The Ubuntu Budgie logo shipped in imgs/distributions of our theme's static directory is licensed under CC-By-SA 4.0.