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A community-maintained wiki detailing things such as implementation details, frequently asked questions, open issues, users of musl, and other information to the musl libc project.


Make sure to get the makedown submodule, you'll need it to make the HTML.

git clone --recursive

Make sure to look at makedown's requirements for building and testing.


Pull requests are welcomed.

Rather than taking edits from anonymous users and allowing drive-by contributions, this wiki takes edits through the git repo here, in order to ensure that all documentation and information on the wiki is verified to be correct and reasonably good quality.

When making edits for submission, you may want to run make lint in order to ensure that your newly-added documentation or edits are adherent to the markdown style. However, it's not really necessary to test locally; Travis CI tests all pull-requests and runs lint on them, and fails if the new commits introduce warnings.

In addition to editing locally, you can also edit online. For creating new pages, click GitHub's "Create New File" button, type the page filename (so, <filename>.md), and begin editing there. You can also edit pages the same way by clicking a page (the filenames correspond to the page titles) and clicking the edit icon next to history.


A community-maintained wiki documenting the musl libc.





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