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SONATA's Service Platform analysis framework. son-analyze creates an analysis session to study a service. Inside this session, the end-user can program an analysis on a service's metrics using pandas. This tools uses Jupyter to offer a ready-to-use web-IDE. It also contains a set of libraries to speak with the Sonata Platform that are automatically installed in the session.


This tool is composed of multiple libraries.

  • The main son-analyze library contains some core features and the command line entry-points.
  • The son-scikit library use the son-analyze base structures and functions to bridge Sonata data with SciPy and pandas.


Adding/Removing a new dependency

  • If the new library is directly used by son-analyze:
  • Add the new library to:
  • Regenerate the dependencies: pip-compile
  • If the new library is only used for testing, developing:
  • Add the new library to:
  • Regenerate the dependencies: pip-compile

Tests and checks

The code is checked and tested by flake8, pylint, mypy and py.test.

Inside a virtualenv environment:

  • To Launch all the test: scripts/
  • Only launch a specific tool globally or on specific files:
  • flake8: scripts/
  • pylint: scripts/
  • mypy: scripts/ src/son_analyze/cli/
  • py.test: scripts/

You can also directly use these tools: mypy src/son_analyze/cli/

Continuous Integration

With Docker, the CI tests can be locally run with:

  • utils/ci/


  • son-analyze (at runtime)
    • docker-py >=1.7.2 (Apache License Version 2.0)
    • pyaml >=15.8.2 (WTFPL)
    • typing >= (PSF)
    • requests >=2.9.1 (Apache License Version 2.0)
  • son-scikit (at runtime)
  • During development and testing
    • colorama >=0.3.7 (BSD)
    • pip-tools >=1.6 (BSD)
    • pytest >=2.9.0 (MIT)
    • flake8 >=2.5.4 (MIT)
    • mypy-lang >=0.3.1 (MIT)
    • pylint >=1.5.4 (GPL): Pylint is used to check the source code for programming errors. It is done by calling the main pylint executable over this repository's files. No feature is built upon this tool. This dependency doesn't create a derivative work therefore it doesn't trigger the copyleft effect.
    • requests_mock >= 1.0.0 (Apache License Version 2.0)
    • pytest-capturelog >= 0.7 (MIT)


You may contribute to son-analyze similarly to other SONATA (sub-) projects, i.e. by creating pull requests. The PR code must abide by the flake8 (pep8) and pylint rules.


Ansible & Virtualenv are used to setup the development environment on Ubuntu 14.04:

  • Base packages installation
  • sudo ansible-playbook install.yml
  • sudo ansible-playbook dev.install.yml
  • Virtualenv environment creation
  • virtualenv -p python3 venv
  • Environment activation
  • source venv/bin/activate
  • (Optional) Environment deactivation
  • deactivate
  • Dependencies installation
  • pip3 install -rrequirements.txt -rdev-requirements.txt
  • Installing son-analyze
  • python develop


son-analyze creates an environment based on the SciPy and Jupyter.


  • Start by creating the required image on the host with:
    • son-analyze bootstrap
      • It will download the official Jupyter Docker image and create a new custom Docker image. This new image contains a SciPy Sonata library with its required dependencies.
  • Enter the environment with:
    • son-analyze run
      • This command will start a Docker container.
    • (Optional) to stop the environment, simply hit Ctrl-c in the console.
    • Browse http://localhost:8888.
    • Some code examples are provided in the examples directory (File > Open File).


This SONATA son-analyze software is published under Apache 2.0 license. Please see the LICENSE file for more details.

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Lead Developers

The following lead developers are responsible for this repository and have admin rights. They can, for example, merge pull requests.