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Integrates the UserBundle into the Sonata Project
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Merge pull request #522 from mkurzeja/mkurzeja/master

Fixing hidden roles support in SecurityRolesType
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Admin fix regression
Block support KnpMenu 2.0
Command Apply PHP-CS-Fixer
Controller Merge pull request #519 from bdejacobet/user_api
DependencyInjection Added default avatar
Document Update UserManager.php
Entity throw exception when wrong sort field passed
Form Fixed #499 - hidden roles are not kept after edit, added new tests to…
GoogleAuthenticator fixed indentation
Menu SONATA-195 - Added Bootstrap3 support
Model Add pagination support for Api\GroupController::getGroupsAction()
Resources add japanese translation.
Security Fix exception if no token is available
Serializer Added serializer handlers
Tests Merge pull request #522 from mkurzeja/mkurzeja/master
Twig Fixed #511 admin include issue
.gitignore Add build process for jenkins integration
.travis.yml Allow failures of Symfony 2.7 as it is still work in progress.
CHANGELOG.txt Updated login/register layout Added file Added travis-ci icon.
SonataUserBundle.php Apply PHP-CS-Fixer
build.xml Add build process for jenkins integration
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phpunit.xml.dist Apply PHP-CS-Fixer


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Integrate the FOS/UserBundle in the Sonata Project

- AdminBundle: add user and group management
- EasyExtends: allows to generate Application level model


You have 2 options to initialize the SonataUserBundle, you can select which bundle SonataUserBundle extends

- new Sonata\UserBundle\SonataUserBundle('FOSUserBundle') : the bundle will extend ``FOSUserBundle``
- new Sonata\UserBundle\SonataUserBundle() : the bundle will NOT extend ``FOSUserBundle``

Google Groups: For questions and proposals you can post on this google groups


This bundle is available under the MIT license.

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