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A few scripts for importing artifacts into Nexus Repository
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Nexus Repository Import Scripts


These are bare bones bash scripts to import a Nexus 2 Maven, NuGet or npm repository (and likely other file system based repos) into Nexus Repository 3.

Wut does it do?

Imports artifacts into a Nexus Repository 3 Maven2, NuGet or npm hosted repo.

Wut does it not do?

Literally anything else. You want security? Better set it up yourself.

How do I use it?

  • Maven
    • cd rootdirectorywithallyourartifacts
    • ./ -u admin -p admin123 -r http://localhost:8084/repository/maven-releases/
    • Watch a bunch of verbose output from curl
    • If need be, change -u to user, -p to password, and -r (I bet you'll have to change this) to the repo you want to upload in to
  • NuGet
    • cd rootdirectorywithallyournugetpackages
    • ./ -k APIKEYFROMNEXUS - r http://localhost:8084/repository/nuget-hosted/
    • Watch the money roll in and the haters start askin
    • You'll need to obtain your APIKEY for Nexus Repository, and obviously set -r to the repo path you want to use
  • npm

Like it?

Great, buy me a beer.

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