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Timeline index repair failure is not propagated.

Timeline handles indexer with special care: it will try
to repair it if it's start failed. This change now
will not propagate anymore the exception thrown during
repair (already in exception handler!), but will mark the
indexer as "dead", log the fact, and continue the usual

On next reboot, another repair will be tried.
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commit 763d505b5231a5896015401aec41f8b44e11366f 1 parent 29094fa
Tamas Cservenak cstamas authored
9 nexus/plugins/nexus-timeline-plugin/src/main/java/org/sonatype/timeline/internal/
@@ -116,17 +116,12 @@ public void start( final TimelineConfiguration configuration )
"Timeline index is succesfully repaired, the last "
+ configuration.getRepairDaysCountRestored() + " days were restored." );
- catch ( IOException ex )
- {
- markIndexerDead( ex );
- throw ex;
- }
catch ( Exception ex )
+ // do not propagate the exception for indexer
+ // we have persistor started, and that's enough
markIndexerDead( ex );
- throw new IOException( "Failed to repair indexer!", ex );
DefaultTimeline.this.started = true;
getLogger().info( "Started Timeline..." );
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