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working and somewhat tested pack200 normalize and pack mojos

Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
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tycho-jnlp-plugin is a Tycho extensions plugin that generates JNLP file for projects with eclipse-application packaging. It also (re)signs all artifacts of the application using the same certificate, which is required to launch remote WebStart applications.

jnlp:jnlp-file goal

Generates JNLP file from provided template.

Performs ${property} substitution in the template, where property values can come either from pom.xml or from application's config.ini file. The latter is useful to pass -Declipse.product, -Declipse.application and -Dosgi.bundles properties, which are usually required to launch equinox-based application using Java WebStart.

Adds <resources/> node with <jar/> subelements to the generated JNLP file. <jar/> elements that correspond to platform-specific bundles and fragments will have proper os/arch attributes set for them.

jnlp:sign-jars goal

Signs bundle and feature jar files assembled inside target/site folder using jarsigner. This mojo signs all jars, regardless if they were built locally or came from third party artifact repository. This is necessary for Java Webstart, which requires use of the same signature for all jars referenced from JNLP file. This mojo honours most of properties used by maven-jarsigner-plugin (${jarsigner.keystore}, ${jarsigner.storepass} and so on).

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