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Symbol Swapper

Swap the selected symbols and/or symbol instances to another master, or swap entire libraries.

Symbol Swapper

Library Swapper



  • cmd option shift w - Swap the selected symbols and/or symbol instances to another master
  • cmd option shift b - Swap all symbols from one library to another



Search for Symbol Swapper in Sketchrunner.

Once installed, Sketch will automatically notify you when an update is available (version 0.1 and later).


  1. Download and open
  2. Navigate to Symbol Swapper.sketchplugin and copy/move to your plugins directory

To find your plugins directory...

  1. In the Sketch menu, navigate to Plugins > Manage Plugins...
  2. Click the cog in the lower left of the plugins window, and click Reveal Plugins Folder


  • 0.26 - Fix for Sketch 94.
  • 0.25 - Fix for window truncation when swapping libraries.
  • 0.24 - Fix for Sketch 72.
  • 0.23 - Fix for application of tooltip causing error in population of symbols.
  • 0.22 - Second attempt at fix for select box not populating correctly when swapping individual symbols.
  • 0.21 - Fix for select box not populating correctly when swapping individual symbols.
  • 0.20 - Improved select boxes when swapping instances, fixed broken check for updates after library swapping.
  • 0.19 - Improved layout of library swapping window, added function to create inventory of a library.
  • 0.18 - Fix for Sketch 58: plugin window closing when selecting library.
  • 0.17 - Fix for Swap Libraries not working after last update.
  • 0.16 - Fix for Swap Libraries not working if no local symbols.
  • 0.15 - Fix for non-override instances of symbols not retaining their overrides.
  • 0.14 - Added ability to swap libraries using symbol names instead of IDs.
  • 0.13 - Fix for "alertWindow.buttons is not a function" issue introduced in last update.
  • 0.12 - Library swapping window is now scrollable.
  • 0.11 - Added support for migrating all symbols from current document to library, and added report for ignored symbols.
  • 0.10 - Performance optimizations, bug fixes and support for Sketch 50.
  • 0.9 - Fixed bug introduced in Sketch 48 as MSLayerPaster functionality was changed. Added new functionality to swap libraries individually.
  • 0.8 - Symbol list for Let Me Choose is now sorted alphabetically, and allows for freeform searching.
  • 0.7 - Added option to rename instances to master name, settings are now cached per document.
  • 0.6 - When swapping a single selection, the match will be pre-selected in symbol list if found.
  • 0.5 - Improved handling for when last used library no longer exists, improved performance when swapping siblings.
  • 0.4 - Bug fixes for referencing current document.
  • 0.3 - Added ability to choose a symbol of a different name, and to only swap selected instance (not siblings).
  • 0.2 - Updated description in manifest.
  • 0.1 - Initial commit.


Find me on Twitter @sonburn


If you find this plugin helpful, or would like to support my plugins in general, buy me ☕️ via PayPal.


Copyright (c) 2022 Jason Burns (Sonburn). See for further details.


Swap the selected symbols and/or symbol instances to a master of the same name in a library.








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