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Tyler's Number Theory Calculator
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Tyler's Number Theory Calculator

Calculator application for performing number theoretic computations. Notable features include:

  • Combinatoric functions: factorial, double factorial, derangements, permutations, Catalan numbers, binomial coefficients, partitions, Bell numbers
  • Sequences: Fibonacci, Lucas, polygonal numbers, centered polygonal numbers
  • Modular arithmetic: modulo, quadratic residues, Jacobi symbol, modular multiplicative inverse, Carmichael function
  • Prime decomposition: primality testing, prime factoring, prime counting function, primorial, Mobius function, Euler's totient function, number of divisors, sum of divisors, greatest common divisor, least common multiple
  • Misc: Integer square root, exponentiation
  • General support for an arbitarily large number of digits (around one million in practice), primality testing up to 24 digits for any number, 1000 digits for Mersenne numbers, factoring up to 12 digits
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