Android device configuration for Xperia S
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Copyright (C) Sony Mobile Communications 2012

This is the Android device configuration for Xperia S.

To setup a tree and build images for the device do the following:

repo init as described by Google over at:

Put the following snippet in .repo/local_manifests/lt26.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <remote  name="sony" fetch="git://" />
  <project path="device/sony/lt26" name="device-sony-lt26" remote="sony" revision="master" />
  <project path="vendor/sony/dash" name="DASH" groups="device" revision="master" remote="sony" />
  <remove-project name="platform/hardware/invensense" />

Download the zip file with vendor binaries from:

In the root of your Android code tree unzip the

You should now have a directory named vendor/sony/lt26 in your tree.

Unfortunately the vendor binaries needs a couple of patches to be compatible with AOSP. Apply the patches by running the apply_patch tool in the root of your Android code tree.

  • repo sync
  • source ./build/
  • ./device/sony/lt26/apply_patches
  • lunch full_lt26-userdebug
  • make

To flash the images produced make sure your device is unlocked, as described on

Enter fastboot mode on the device by pressing volume up while inserting the USB cable or execute adb reboot bootloader.

  • fastboot flash userdata out/target/product/lt26/userdata.img
  • fastboot flashall

Reflashing userdata is not necessary every time, but incompatibilities with previous content might result in a device that doesn't boot. If this happens try to reflash just the userdata again.