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🍠 tuber: Access YouTube API via R

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Access YouTube API via R. Get comments posted on YouTube videos, get information on how many times a video has been liked, search for videos with particular content, and much more. You can also get closed captions of videos you own. To learn more about the YouTube API, see


To get the current development version from GitHub:

# install.packages("devtools")
devtools::install_github("soodoku/tuber", build_vignettes = TRUE)

To get a quick overview of some important functions in tuber, check out this article. For a fun vignette about how to analyze emojis in YouTube comments, see here.

Using tuber

To get going, get the application id and password from the Google Developer Console (see Enable all the YouTube APIs. Then set the application id and password via the yt_oauth function. For more information about YouTube OAuth, see YouTube OAuth Guide.

yt_oauth("app_id", "app_password")

Note: If you are on ubuntu, you may have to run the following before doing anything:

httr::set_config(httr::config( ssl_verifypeer = 0L ) )

Get Statistics of a Video

get_stats(video_id = "N708P-A45D0")

Get Information About a Video

get_video_details(video_id = "N708P-A45D0")

Get Captions of a Video

get_captions(video_id = "yJXTXN4xrI8")

Note: It was previously possible to get captions for all videos that had “Community contributions” enabled. However, since YouTube removed that option in September 2020, the get_captions function now only works for videos created with the same account as the API credentials you use. An alternative for collecting YouTube video captions is the youtubecaption package.

Search Videos

yt_search("Barack Obama")

Get All the Comments Including Replies

get_all_comments(video_id = "a-UQz7fqR3w")


Scripts are released under the MIT License.

Contributor Code of Conduct

The project welcomes contributions from everyone! In fact, it depends on it. To maintain this welcoming atmosphere, and to collaborate in a fun and productive way, we expect contributors to the project to abide by the Contributor Code of Conduct.