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视频播放器(IJKplayer、ExoPlayer、MediaPlayer),HTTPS,支持弹幕,外挂字幕,支持滤镜、水印、gif截图,片头广告、中间广告,多个同时播放,支持基本的拖动,声音、亮度调节,支持边播边缓存,支持视频自带rotation的旋转(90,270之类),重力旋转与手动旋转的同步支持,支持列表播放 ,列表全屏动画,视频加载速度,列表小窗口支持拖动,动画效果,调整比例,多分辨率切换,支持切换播放器,进度条小窗口预览,列表切换详情页面无缝播放,rtsp、concat、mpeg。

  • Updated Sep 8, 2020
  • Java
kirisakow commented Sep 2, 2020

On mobile, I enjoy opening links in NewPipe from web browser. And it works well — unless the URL is enclosed in parentheses of which the closing one is sometimes rendered as part of the URL.

YouTube itself seems to handle this case by somehow trimming the last “)” character on-the-go. While NewPipe regards such URLs as unsupported (says "Unsupported URL" in the front end, and `"No service ca

garyo commented Jan 29, 2020

FFMPEG supports a "video file name" of image-%04d.png, and moviepy accepts this in VideoFileClip() which is great. But unfortunately it assumes 25 fps, and I don't see any way to change that. I can call clip=clip.set_fps(24) but that doesn't change the duration - I think it just skips frames.

It would be great if VideoFileClip could accept an optional fps arg for this case.

legrostdg commented Jan 9, 2018

~/.config/youtube-dlg should just contain configuration files and not logs (which should go to $XDG_DATA_HOME/youtube-dlg/ ) nor youtube-dl binary (which should go to $XDG_CACHE_HOME).

Please also consider using appdirs instead of hardcoding ~/.config/

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