A minimal sentiment analyzer based on @thinkroth's "Sentimental" and written in CoffeeScript
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sentimood: AFINN sentiment analyzer for the browser

A more-or-less CoffeeScript browser-compatible port of @thinkroth's Sentimental, which was originally written in Node.


After you install the package via Bower (with the command bower install sentimood) or just add it to your HTML document's <head>, you can initialize Sentimood like so:

sentiment = new Sentimood();

Then you can do cool things like this:

var analyze = sentiment.analyze(),
    positivity = sentiment.positivity(),
    negativity = sentiment.negativity();

analyze("Hey you worthless scumbag"); //Score: -6, Comparative:-1.5
positivity("This is so cool"); //Score: 1, Comparative:.25
negativity("Hey you worthless scumbag"); //Score: 6, Comparative:1.5
analyze("I am happy"); //Score: 3, Comparative: 1
analyze("I am so happy"); //Score: 6, Comparative: 1.5
analyze("I am extremely happy"); //Score: 12, Comparative: 3
analyze("I am really sad"); //Score: -4, Comparative: -1

The difference between this project and Sentimental is the browser compatibility: Sentimental is node.js specific, which means it can only be run on the server-side. I made some minimal changes, (e.g. changed array.forEach() to a for loop) which increased performance and allowed the file to run on the client-side.