A near-perfect oninput shim for IE 8 and 9
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jquery.splendid.textchange.js Initial commit Jun 18, 2013


jQuery “splendid textchange” plugin

This plugin provides a synthetic event called textchange which simulates the input event in all browsers, abstracting over cross-browser differences.

Simply do:

// <input type="text" id="monkey">

$("#monkey").on("textchange", function() {
    // ...

and you'll receive events for every value change, just as you would if the input event worked properly in all browsers.

See my blog post “A near-perfect oninput shim for IE 8 and 9” for more details.


Supports IE 8, IE 9, and modern browsers.

Tested in jQuery 1.10; should work in 1.7+.

Why “splendid”?

Zurb already has an unrelated textchange plugin and I suck at names, sorry.


(c) 2013 Ben Alpert, released under the MIT license.