A program to compute tracer analysis
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How to use tracernalysis.docx


Traceranalysis (FluxFix)


Read this for detailed info.

Web based tool

See our website for the web-based tool, and information about what it does.

Batch processing

If you are interested in batch processing, the following steps are what you need

  1. Clone this repository (sorry no pip yet)
  2. Install the dependencies in website/requirements.txt (pip3 -r requirements.txt)
  3. Run python3 example.py, which uses our back-end code on a piece of sample data
  4. Take inspiration from example.py for your batch script: copy traceranalysis.py to the dir where your code is and re-work example.py until it does what you want.

Feel free to raise issues if something does not work as intended or if you would like an additional feature.