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Soracom platform based example projects

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  1. soracom-mkr-iot-starter-kit soracom-mkr-iot-starter-kit Public

    Arduino sample code to help you get started using the Soracom IoT Starter Kit!

    C++ 13 3

  2. balena-cellular-AT balena-cellular-AT Public

    Balena based example application enabling both Cellular connectivity and ability to run modem/SIM AT commands

    Shell 4 1

  3. soracom-beam-to-aws-iot-terraform soracom-beam-to-aws-iot-terraform Public

    Uses Terraform to stand up the AWS infrastructure needed for the Soracom Beam to AWS IoT Getting Started Guide.

    HCL 4 7

  4. soracom-arc-esp32-arduino soracom-arc-esp32-arduino Public

    A utility library to use/bootstrap Soracom Arc easily on ESP32 Arduino boards

    C++ 3 1

  5. greengrass-human-detection-splus-camera greengrass-human-detection-splus-camera Public

    Python 2

  6. arduino-dragino-unified arduino-dragino-unified Public

    C++ 2


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