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A project to build a spdy client library for the iPhone.
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SPDY-for-iPhone is a project to create an easy to use library for SPDY.  A
pre-built binary is available in install/lib/libSPDY.a.

To use libSPDY.a:
1) Copy both install/lib/libSPDY.a and install/include/SPDY/SPDY.h into your
2) Add the CFNetwork and SystemConfiguration frameworks to your list of
libraries to link against.
3) Follow the API in SPDY.h.

Building libSPDY.a
libSPDY.a has a few external dependencies.  These are included as git
submodules and built using the venerable make.  The external libraries are:
- spdylay
- openssl (Included until Apple releases iOS with an NPN enabled OpenSSL)
- zlib

The external libraries require the following programs to build:
- pkgconfig
- automake
- autoconf
- libtool

I typically install these programs through MacPorts (
Fink or homebrew should also have these packages.

To build build the external libraries and libSPDY.a run the following commands:
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
$ make

Build errors
- Syntax error in configure
 - Problem:
./configure: line 15731: syntax error near unexpected token `0.20'
./configure: line 15731: `PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG(0.20)'

 - Solution: Go back and install pkgconfig and delete spdylay/configure.

- Test button doesn't work in xcode 4.3.1
 - Problem:
  Lexical or Preprocessor issue
  NS_AVAILABLE' macro redefined
 - Solution: Run the tests with make check from the command line.
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