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Original project: Martin Read
Contributors: Stefan O'Rear
dungeonbash could not have reached its current state without the benefit of bug
reports and inspirational ideas from a variety of places. As such,
acknowledgements are due to numerous people.
- Michael Toy, Glenn Wichman, and Ken Arnold, for writing the original "rogue".
- Jon Amery (bug reports)
- Adam White (portability bug reports)
- Gero Kunter (bug reports; balance suggestions)
- David Damerell (bug reports)
- Jed Davis (bug reports)
- Stefan O'Rear (bug reports, playtesting, code)
- Richard Kettlewell (portability advice regarding building on Darwin)
- Jeff Lait (progenitor of the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge; author of
POWDER, an approximate ripoff of whose speed system still underpins
dungeonbash; suggesting the "weapons and armour are consumables"
approach, which is unusual for roguelikes)
Currently, dungeonbash depends on:
- a working C++03 environment sharing headers with a C99 environment.
- libncurses and libpanel (PDCurses also works but is not tested).
Top-level directory structure
does not exist yet; will eventually contain Csound scores and orchestras
does not exist yet; will eventually contain graphics files
example system-wide configuration for Martin's Dungeon Bash.
HTML documents and CSS stylesheets relating to Martin's Dungeon Bash.
the (rather skimpy) man pages for Martin's Dungeon Bash.
example user configuration for Martin's Dungeon Bash.
contains the official spoilers for Martin's Dungeon Bash.
contains the source code for Martin's Dungeon Bash.
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