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Twtxt 0.1

Render your twtxt on your yellow webpage


How to install an extension

Download ZIP file and copy it into your system/extensions folder. Learn more about extensions.

TODO: Change the download link to your repository. Test your extension in a brand new installation.

How to show post from your twtxt.txt

Create a [twtxt] shortcut.

TODO: Explain how your extension can be used. Write multiple howto sections, if necessary.


Making animated text:

[helloworld - printf("Hello World\n");]
[helloworld - alert("Hello World");]  

Making animated text inside a list:

Datenstrom Yellow is for people who make small websites.

* [helloworld - Fun to use]
* [helloworld - Just files and folders]
* [helloworld - Installed in a few minutes]

TODO: Show how your extension can be used. Give multiple examples that can be copy/pasted.


The following settings can be configured in file system/extensions/yellow-system.ini:

TwtxtLocaltion = twtxt.txt (in your root of your yellow installtion)

TODO: Show how your extension can be configured. Describe settings and files that can be adjusted.


This extension includes feedback by Anna Svensson, Giovanni Salmeri and Steffen Schultz. Thank you for the good work.

TODO: Mention other people, libraries and services. Give them the recognition they deserve.

TODO: copy credits from pixeblog


Søren Peter Mørch

TODO: Name the responsible developer(s). Review your extension from the perspective of the user. Imagine what the user wants to do and what would make life easier. Focus on people and their everyday lives. Not on technical details. Learn more about making and publishing extensions.


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