SputnikVM for embedded devices.
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SputnikVM on Rux

This no_std version of SputnikVM allows you to run it on the Rux microkernel.

Get Started

To build and run sputnikvm_nostd, it needs to be bundled with the Rux microkernel and be executed together. First, initialize the submodules which points to a revision of Rux.

git submodule init --recursive --update

After that, install Nix. Then run:


This will install all the dependencies you need to build the kernel and SputnikVM in a specialized Nix location without any modification to your actual system.

After that, to run the kernel with SputnikVM init program, run:

make sinit-sputnikvm

Under the hook, the script will start a QEMU virtual machine, bootstrap the kernel, which will then load the init program and run a simple SputnikVM transaction.

Bug Reports and Contributing

For bug reports and pull requests related to Rux, please use this Phabricator instance. Bug reports can be submitted to Maniphest and refer to Rux's contributing guide for sending pull requests.