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Install dotfiles and binfiles:

rake install

Or separately:

rake dotfiles
rake binfiles

Sublime Text 3

Few tasks to manage Sublime Text settings:

rake sublime:settings  # Install settings
rake sublime:themes    # Install custom themes

Scripts and Tools

General purpose:

  • addr - Get current IP address of the machine
  • dmg - Quickly install DMG package
  • ramfs - Manage RAMFS volumes (OSX specific)
  • gem-version - Quickly check the latest gem version
  • genpassword - Generate a random password
  • static_server - Start a static content server in current directory

Git extras:

  • feature - Start a new git branch or checkout existing.
  • master - Switch to master branch
  • develop - Switch to development branch
  • git track - Setup remote git branch tracking
  • git tarball - Package git HEAD into tar.gz archive
  • git branches - List all git branches and their diff stats with current branch
  • git merge-repo - Import another repos to a subdirectory of the current repo
  • git clean-merged - Remove any local branches that were merged into master