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Simple web-based and cross platform PostgreSQL database explorer.

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Pgweb is a web-based database explorer for PostgreSQL, written in Go, and works on Mac, Linux and Windows machines. Distributed as a simple binary with zero dependencies. Very easy to use and packs just the right amount of features.

See application screenshots


  • Cross-platform: Mac/Linux/Windows (64bit).
  • Simple installation (distributed as a single binary).
  • Zero dependencies.
  • Works with PostgreSQL 9.1+.
  • Supports native SSH tunnels.
  • Multiple database sessions.
  • Execute and analyze custom SQL queries.
  • Table and query data export to CSV/JSON/XML.
  • Query history.
  • Server bookmarks.

Visit WIKI for more details.


Visit to see Pgweb in action.



Start server:


You can also provide connection flags:

pgweb --host localhost --user myuser --db mydb

Connection URL scheme is also supported:

pgweb --url postgres://user:password@host:port/database?sslmode=[mode]
pgweb --url "postgres:///database?host=/absolute/path/to/unix/socket/dir"

Multiple database sessions

To enable multiple database sessions in pgweb, start the server with:

pgweb --sessions

Or set environment variable:



Before running tests, make sure you have PostgreSQL server running on localhost:5432 interface. Also, you must have postgres user that could create new databases in your local environment. Pgweb server should not be running at the same time.

Execute test suite:

make test

If you're using Docker locally, you might also run pgweb test suite against all supported PostgreSQL version with a single command:

make test-all


  • Fork this repository
  • Create a new feature branch for a new functionality or bugfix
  • Commit your changes
  • Execute test suite
  • Push your code and open a new pull request
  • Use issues for any questions
  • Check wiki for extra documentation


The MIT License (MIT). See LICENSE file for more details.