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🚧 RFM | Request for maintainers

Track OSS requests for maintainers

Request for maintainers - Find any OSS project calling for collaborators | Product Hunt Embed

What's this?

RFM is community-driven platform to track OSS repositories that need a maintainer or support.


You're interested in this project if you've been in any of these situations:

  • As a user, uou find and interesting library. But it seems unmaintained. How to know for sure?
  • As a maintainer, you can't find anyone who wants to take the lead. Where to find them?
  • As a developer, you want to contribute to the community but don't know where to start. Which projects need help?

How does it work?

It heavily relies on the Github public API (which is awesome).

  1. Every request is an Issue labeled as search in this repository.
  2. The body of the issue contains a JSON with the searchable data.
  3. It uses the Github Search API to find tickets.
  4. To avoid undesired format errors the web has a request genertor, as well.

These are the main steps. Aside of it, RFM also checks that nobody use the platform as a spam weapon, checks for duplicates, ensures the data integrity, etc.


  1. 🤗 PRs are more than welcome
  2. 🕵🏽‍♀️ Add any repo you find that's unmaintained
  3. 🌎 Spread the word
  4. Thank you!

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