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Adventex is a simple interactive fiction (text adventure) game with its own adventure system. The adventure is defined by a couple of json files. The game is accessible at thoster.net.

It starts with a demo adventure (kind of an escape room game) and a tutorial.


You need node.js and npm


First you need to install the npm dependencies: npm install

jspm and it's module loader system.js is needed as well: npm install jspm -g

After installing jspm you can initialize the jspm dependencies: jspm install

Now you need to install gulp: npm install gulp-cli -g


You can start adventex locally with gulp serve

Look into the gulp file gulpfile.js for other targets. If you want to deploy adventex to a server you can build it using this command: gulp build

The files in the folder dist can be served by any web server (like Apache or nginx).


If you want to learn playing text adventures, go to "options" and hit "tutorial". This is what you get if you enter help:

Most of the time, typing something like verb object works. Example: open door.

You can go to a possible direction typing go (direction).

You can examine the room or any object typing examine (object). Look around with look. More complex sentences are possible, example: open box with crowbar.

Type help verbs to get a list of possible verbs.