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No longer the main repository; please use and contribute to HarryCutts/videogular-cuepoints instead.


Videogular Cuepoints is a Videogular plugin for displaying 'cuepoints', marks on the scrub bar which can be positioned at a particular time. For example, cuepoints could be used to indicate the start of a section in the video, or a time when a pop-up will appear.

Not to be confused with "Videogular Cue Points", a completely different feature of Videogular implemented long after the release of this plugin.


Videogular Cuepoints can be installed with Bower:

bower install videogular-cuepoints


First, import the JavaScript file cuepoints.js, then add the dependency to your Angular project.

Next, add a <vg-cuepoints> element as a child of the <vg-scrubbar> of your Videogular player. Its vg-cuepoints-config attribute should be an object in your parent scope containing the cuepoints (see below), and the vg-cuepoints-theme attribute should point to the URL of a CSS file, just like Videogular's vg-theme attribute.

For example, Videogular's example 2 with cuepoints added would look like this:

<videogular vg-theme="controller.config.theme.url">
	<vg-media vg-src="controller.config.sources"

	<vg-controls vg-autohide="controller.config.plugins.controls.autoHide" vg-autohide-time="controller.config.plugins.controls.autoHideTime">
		<vg-time-display>{{ currentTime | date:'mm:ss' }}</vg-time-display>
			<vg-cuepoints vg-cuepoints-config="controller.config.plugins.cuepoints"
		<vg-time-display>{{ timeLeft | date:'mm:ss' }}</vg-time-display>
		<vg-time-display>{{ totalTime | date:'mm:ss' }}</vg-time-display>

With the following added to your $scope.config object:

plugins: {
	cuepoints: {
		theme: {
			url: "bower_components/videogular-cuepoints/cuepoints.css",
				// Replace with the path appropriate to your project
		points: [
			{ time: 18 },
			{ time: 60 },

A complete example can be found here.

Styling cuepoints

Each cuepoint is a <vg-cuepoint> element, and can be styled accordingly. You can see how they're styled by default in cuepoints.css. For example, if you wanted to change the color of the cuepoints to blue, you might write the following in your CSS file:

videogular vg-cuepoints vg-cuepoint {
	background-color: blue;

You should be able to change any CSS properties without causing problems, except position. (left can be set but will always be overridden when the cuepoint is positioned.)


Videogular plugin for displaying marks on a video's scrub bar




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