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React Simon Game


Time ago, I made a Simon Game with vanilla JavaScript, for a FreeCodeCamp challenge. Now, I made a full rewrite with React, with some improvements.

I learnt, at least, a bit about the JavaScript Web Audio API, pretty much Redux and some React Router, for doing this.

Apart from that, I also use on it, for now:

  • ANIME.JS. A pretty AWESOME animation library. I barely use it, but I wanted to use it pretty hard, so I just did.
  • Neutrino. A very clever development by Mozilla. It abstracts the usage of Webpack and makes dealing with it a pretty enjoyable experience.

And, of course, other little, but valuable, things :D.

As you should know, Simon is a registered trademark of Hasbro. Their use here is merely academic, for educational purposes only, so I guess it's fair use.