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Passed to the Sketch.create method.

  • fullscreen Default: true; when false, you can pass width: 500, height: 500 to specify a size.
  • autostart Default: true Otherwise call start()
  • autoclear Default: true Whether to clear the context before each call to draw. Otherwise call clear()
  • autopause Default: true Whether to pause the animation on window blur and resume on focus
  • container Default: document.body Where to put the sketch context
  • interval Default: 1 The update / draw interval (2 will update every 2 frames, etc)
  • globals Default: true Add global properties and methods to the window
  • retina Default: false Resize for best appearance on retina displays. Can be slow due to so many pixels!
  • type Default Sketch.CANVAS Possible values: Sketch.CANVAS, Sketch.WEB_GL and Sketch.DOM
  • eventTarget If you want Sketch to bind mouse events to an element other than the Sketch canvas, you can specify that element here

Class Methods

  • create Creates and returns a new sketch. Arguments: options Optional hash including any number of the above options
  • augment Augments an existing context, giving it sketch properties and functionality. This is called internally by create once a new context is created. Arguments: context The context to augment
  • install Installs sketch globals into the context provided. This is called internally by create on self unless the globals flag is set to false. Arguments: context The context to install globals into

Instance Methods

  • start
  • stop
  • toggle
  • clear
  • destroy

Overridable Instance Methods

Implement these methods on your sketch instance (or pass them to create inside the options hash).

  • setup
  • update
  • draw
  • touchstart
  • touchmove
  • touchend
  • mouseover
  • mousedown
  • mousemove
  • mouseout
  • mouseup
  • click
  • keydown
  • keyup
  • resize

Instance Properties

  • mouse Contains x, y, ox, oy, dx and dy, representing the mouse or primary touch.
  • touches List of current touches with same structure as mouse. On the desktop, the 0th element represents the mouse.
  • dragging Whether the mouse is down / the user is dragging
  • running Whether the animation loop is running (modified by the start and stop methods)
  • width Current viewport width
  • height Current viewport height
  • keys A hash of booleans indicating whether each key is currently pressed, e.g sketch.keys.SPACE
  • millis The total runtime of the sketch in milliseconds
  • now The current time in milliseconds
  • dt The delta time between the current and previous frame in milliseconds


  • CANVAS Enumeration for the Canvas type
  • WEBGL Enumeration for the WebGL type
  • DOM Enumeration for the DOM type
  • instances A list of all current Sketch instances

Global Properties

These are safely mixed into the window object for quick access, e.g: sin( random( TWO_PI ) ). You can prevent this happening by passing globals:false when calling create and/or add this properties to any object yourself by calling Sketch.install( context )


  • random Accepts single values, ranges and Arrays, e.g: random( 10, 20 ) or random( colours )
  • lerp Arguments: min max amount. Interpolate between min and max by the factor amount
  • map Arguments: num minA maxA minB maxB. Map num from the range minA/maxA to the range minB/maxB

Math Constants

  • PI
  • TWO_PI
  • E
  • LN10
  • LN2
  • LOG2E
  • LOG10E
  • SQRT1_2
  • SQRT2

Math functions

  • abs
  • acos
  • asin
  • atan
  • ceil
  • cos
  • exp
  • floor
  • log
  • round
  • sin
  • sqrt
  • tan
  • atan2
  • pow
  • max
  • min