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Please note: This repo is no longer actively maintained. Please use and ConfigurableFirmata to enable the same (and even additional) features that AdvancedFirmata provided. To enable the same features, from the firmatabuilder website, select the following features:

  • DigitalInputFirmata
  • DigitalOutputFirmata
  • AnalogInputFirmata
  • AnalogOutputFirmata
  • ServoFirmata
  • I2CFirmata
  • StepperFirmata

You may select additional features as well if the Firmata client library you are using supports them. Just be careful not to exceed the memory limits of your Arduino board.

AdvancedFirmata builds on StandardFirmata to add additional functionality such as Stepper motor support. The idea behind AdvancedFirmata is to add features that are not yet available in the StandardFirmata (that is included in Firmata/examples/ in the Arduino IDE) and hopefully add them to the official Firmata library at a later time.

Like StandardFirmata (which is just an Arduino Sketch), AdvancedFirmata relies on the Firmata library included with the Arduino IDE. Therefore Firmata.cpp, Firmata.h or Boards.h should not be changed in order to add a feature to AdvancedFirmata.

In time, some of the featues in AdvancedFirmata may be added to StandardFirmata and the official Firmata library.

To Use

Clone or download and copy AdvancedFirmata into your Arduino projects/sketch directory (or anywhere on your hard drive). Open in the Arduino IDE, verify and upload to your board.

If you download rather than clone this repository, rename the folder to "AdvancedFirmata" after unzipping and before copying into your Arduino projects directory.

Features (not included in StandardFirmata)

  • Stepper motor support. AdvancedFirmata can be used to drive bipolar and unipolar stepper motors.

Requested Features

  • Shift in/out support
  • Pulse in/out support
  • Ethernet support (since Firmata implements the Stream interface)


Due to the large file size, AdvancedFirmata will only run on newer Arduino boards that have > 16KB of flash memory. This is most Arduino and arduino-compatible boards released over the past few years.


Please create a branch with the name of the feature you are adding (shiftout, rotaryencoder, etc) before submitting a pull request.