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Building Breakout Server

Export Eclipse Project

  1. File -> Export
  2. Java -> Runnable JAR file
  3. Runnable Jar File Specification
    1. Launch configuration: Select BreakoutServer from list
    2. Export destination: save to desktop as "BreakoutServer.jar"
    3. Library handling: Extract required libraries into generated JAR
    4. Save as ANT script (uncheck)

OSX Build

Jar Bundler - Build Information Tab:

  • Main Class: Select BreakoutServer.jar
  • Arguments to Main: leave empty
  • Custom Icon: Add /resources/BreakoutLogo.icns
  • Use Macintosh Menu Bar (uncheck)
  • Anti-alias Text (check)
  • Anti-alias Graphics (check)
  • JVM Version: 1.5+

Jar Bundler - Classpath and Files Tab:

  • Add librxtxSerial.jnilib to Additional Files and Resources

Jar Bundler - Properties Tab:

  • Type: APPL (default)
  • Version: 0.2.3
  • Signature: ???? (default)
  • Identifier: com.breakoutjs
  • Get-Info String: 0.2.3 Copyright Breakout Authors
  • Allow Mixed Localizations (check)
  • Development Region: English (default)
  • Info Dictionary Version: 6.0 (default)

Remove x86_64 portion from JavaApplicationStub

  1. Navigate to: Breakout
  2. lipo JavaApplicationStub -remove x86_64 -output JavaApplicationStub

Win Build

32 and 64 bit versions unfortunately require 2 separate programs.

32 bit (for 32 bit version of rxtxSerial.dll)

  1. Download exewrap096
  2. Copy /build/BreakoutServer.jar, /resources/rxtx_win_32bit/rxtxSerial.dll and /resources/BreakoutLogo.ico to the exewrap096 folder.
  3. Run: exewrap.exe -g -i BreakoutLogo.ico -o "Breakout Server32.exe" -v BreakoutServer.jar
  4. Include the 32 bit version of rxtxSerial.dll with Breakout Server32.exe when distributing the app

64 bit (for 64 bit version of rxtxSerial.dll)

  1. Download launch4j
  2. Copy /build/BreakoutServer.jar, /resources/rxtx_win_64_bit/rxtxSerial.dll and /resources/BreakoutLogo.ico to a new folder.
  3. Copy /resources/config.xml to same folder.
  4. Open the Launch4j executable and load config.xml
  5. Under the Basic tab, uncheck Dont' wrap the jar, launch only
  6. Click the gear icon to build the wrapper.
  7. Click the play icon to build the exe file.
  8. Include the 64 bit version of rxtxSerial.dll with Breakout Server64.exe when distributing the app

Linux Build

Include and /resources/BreakoutLogo_512.png with BreakoutServer.jar

You may need to run: sudo apt-get install librxtx-java instead of copying