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Gathering is a self hosted website for announcing group events.

This project is also an excuse for me to learn about web development.

License: Apache License 2.0


This package requires:

  • stack
  • postgresql-9.5+
  • sendmail


Here are the different make options:

  • setup: Install GHC and deps for the package using stack
  • initdb: Create the gather role and database and the relevant tables
  • build: Build the haskell package
  • dev: Continuously build on file changes - good for development
  • run: Execute the server with the default settings
  • clean_all: Delete the package build and the database
  • clean_db: Drop the tables, the database and the 'gather' role


example.cfg is an example configuration file you can use as a reference.

Use gather --config example.cfg to run gather with the configuration taken from the example.cfg file.

Additional commands

  • gather add-admin --user soupi: Promote the user soupi to admin
  • gather rem-admin --user soupi: Demote the user soupi from being admin
  • gather del-user --user soupi: Delete the user soupi from the system