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A simple blog platform with tags. Made with Haskell and Scotty.

Hablog will read posts written in Markdown from the _posts folder.


Hablog is licensed under MIT license. This means the Haskell source files in the src directory. Highlight.js related content is not a part of Hablog and is not licensed by it.


git clone
cd hablog
stack build


hablog --title <TITLE> --theme <THEME> --domain <DOMAIN> <COMMAND> [--port <PORT> --tls-cert <TLS_CERT> --tls-port <TLS_PORT>]
  • <TITLE> is the title you want in the HTML headers;
  • <THEME> is light or dark, depending on the theme you want, to create your own themes look at the examples in /static/css;
  • <DOMAIN> is the domain you're running the blog on;
  • <COMMAND> is http, https, or both;
  • <PORT> is the http port (not required if COMMAND is https);
  • <TLS_CERT> is the https certificate (not required if COMMAND is http);
  • <TLS_PORT> is the https port (not required if COMMAND is http).

How to write a new post?

  1. All posts must go under the /_posts/ directory
  2. All pages must go under the /_pages/ directory
  3. The content of the post/page must correspond to a specific structure

A Post's Structure

title: <the title of the post>
route: <route to the post>
authors: <the author of the post, seperated, by, commas>
date: yyyy-mm-dd
tags: <tags for the post, separated, by, commas>


<The rest of the post in Markdown format>

A Page's Structure

title: <the title of the page>
route: <route to the page>

<The rest of the page in Markdown format>


If you want twitter/other previews to work as well, add the following definition at the header of a post or page. Not that image without image-alt won't work.

  • summary - For a summary of the post/page
  • image - A link to an image
  • image-alt - Alternative description for an image