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Sourcegraph website

Uses Gatsby for rendering a static site that is built and deployed with Netlify.

Quick start

What Command
Auto-preview cd website && yarn install && yarn start
Final review cd website && yarn install && yarn serve
Preview handbook make serve
Check for broken links make docsite-check


Gatsby requires Node.js, and we recommend using yarn for installing packages.

Developing locally

Developing the static site locally is separate from developing the handbook. Read the Handbook section to learn how to develop the handbook locally.

In a terminal, change into the website directory, and run:

yarn install

Then to serve the site, you have two options:

  1. To serve the static (built) version of the website (good for final review):
yarn serve
  1. To serve the site using the development server with auto-compiling and page reloading:
yarn start

Publishing a blog post

We want and encourage everyone at Sourcegraph to contribute to the blog and publishing a blog post is as simple as merging an approved pull request with your blog content.

Learn how to create and publish a blog post.


The Sourcegraph handbook also lives in this repository. This is currently deployed in GCP.

The handbook uses docsite.