LSP support for Emacs
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LSP minor mode for Emacs.

This mode will hook into company-mode to provide auto-completion.


Activate lsp-mode in a buffer. Then, press C-c C-l i to initialize a connection to an LSP server. Only connections over TCP are supported right now.

Each LSP connection is associated with a projectile-project-root. lsp-mode will try to use the connection for the project corresponding to the current buffer.


C-c C-l i - initialize a new connection

C-c C-l g - go to the definition of the symbol near point

C-c C-l h - display hover text for the location at point

C-c C-l r - find references to the symbol near point

C-c C-l s - search for symbols in the workspace

C-c C-l q - shutdown the LSP server