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We continue improving SourceJS engine, adding new features and stabilising previous ones. With new release pace, we are trying to deliver updates every month, following semantic versioning rules.

Follow our milestones and branch updates to stay in sync with upcoming features.

In this update

  • Full markdown support for both <markdown> tag and *.md files instead of index.src http://sourcejs.com/docs/markdown
  • Watcher for info.json changes to optimize file-tree parser calls (check notes, if you want to revert this feature)
  • Specs are now available only by path url like http://sourcejs.com/docs/base, and direct links with index.src, index.md on the end, will point to file source
  • Removed unused LESS middleware
  • Updated express logger and other improvements

Turned off by default

GitHub authorization integration http://sourcejs.com/docs/auth/


To turn off new watcher feature, and use cron task for re-indexing navigation, change core.watch.enabled, core.fileTree.mainPageTrigger, core.fileTree.cron in your user/options.js.