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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import sys
import time
from urllib2 import URLError
import twitter
# See for an example of how you might use
# make_twitter_request to do something like harvest a bunch of friend ids for a user
def make_twitter_request(t, twitterFunction, max_errors=3, *args, **kwArgs):
# A nested function for handling common HTTPErrors. Return an updated value
# for wait_period if the problem is a 503 error. Block until the rate limit is
# reset if a rate limiting issue
def handle_http_error(e, t, wait_period=2):
if wait_period > 3600: # Seconds
print >> sys.stderr, 'Too many retries. Quitting.'
raise e
if e.e.code == 401:
print >> sys.stderr, 'Encountered 401 Error (Not Authorized)'
return None
elif e.e.code in (502, 503):
print >> sys.stderr, 'Encountered %i Error. Will retry in %i seconds' % \
(e.e.code, wait_period)
wait_period *= 1.5
return wait_period
elif t.account.rate_limit_status()['remaining_hits'] == 0:
status = t.account.rate_limit_status()
now = time.time() # UTC
when_rate_limit_resets = status['reset_time_in_seconds'] # UTC
sleep_time = when_rate_limit_resets - now
print >> sys.stderr, 'Rate limit reached: sleeping for %i secs' % \
(sleep_time, )
return 2
raise e
wait_period = 2
error_count = 0
while True:
return twitterFunction(*args, **kwArgs)
except twitter.api.TwitterHTTPError, e:
error_count = 0
wait_period = handle_http_error(e, t, wait_period)
if wait_period is None:
except URLError, e:
error_count += 1
print >> sys.stderr, "URLError encountered. Continuing."
if error_count > max_errors:
print >> sys.stderr, "Too many consecutive errors...bailing out."
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