Allow you to tracking views and engagement of videos in videojs for Brightcove
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videojs BrightCove tracking

BrightCove plugin for video.js

Getting Started

Download videojs and videojs.brightcove tracking

On your page include the plugin file.

<script src="dist/videoTracking.min.js"></script>

-Please note that the videojs.js file needs to be loaded prior to this plugin

-Also this can only be used if you call videojs dynamically

you Call the plugin like this

videojs('video', {plugins:{aoBcTracking:{accountID:'Your brightcove accound id',video:{name:'name of your video',id:'id of your brightcove video'}}}}, function() {
    //declare your source

-There is no need to call .play() as the plugin will call that to allow tracking of events.


You need provide to provide it with you BrightCove Id in the accountID value.

Also to allow BrightCove to see what video it is tracking you need to put in the video name and id too.

####events that are tracked currently this plugin will track:

"player_load", "video_impression", "video_view", "view_engagement" which reports every 10 seconds allowing the collection of engagement data


  • Allow custom user tracking to the videos
  • Track the geoloaction data of the viewer and report it

Implemneted at