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  1. zap zap Public

    validation-first schema library with a functional api

    TypeScript 18 1

  2. clean-architecture-inspired-react-template clean-architecture-inspired-react-template Public template

    A template for setting up a clean architecture-inspired React application with MVVM

    TypeScript 8 2

  3. employment-contract employment-contract Public

    Employment contract of Spaceteams

    6 1

  4. scala-json-logging scala-json-logging Public

    An slf4j scala backend for cloud native environments

    Scala 5

  5. akka-aws-http-client akka-aws-http-client Public

    An Akka HTTP based backend client for the AWS Java SDK v2

    Scala 4 1

  6. terraform-aws-modules terraform-aws-modules Public

    A collection of useful Terraform modules for the AWS cloud.

    HCL 4


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