BEAT☆MUSIC☆SEQUENCE: Open-Source HTML5 BMS Player using SoundJS and Pixi.js
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BEAT☆MUSIC☆SEQUENCE is the first open-source web-based rhythm game built using HTML5 technologies—an evidence that HTML5 is ready for music games.

It is a BMS player; it plays the music encoded in BMS format.

This game relies heavily on latest HTML5 technologies:

  • HTML5 Canvas. Uses Pixi.js as a rendering engine because it allows usage of WebGL on browsers that support them, making the game extremely smooth. It's also very fast on browsers that supports hardware-accelerated canvas, such as MobileSafari.
  • Web Audio API now allows the web to play audio in realtime. Even tens of keysounds can be played in realtime without delay. Uses SoundJS because it makes things so simple.
  • XMLHttpRequest 2 and CORS allow loading music files from other servers, allowing anyone to host their own music collection, even allow playing on localhost. Uses PreloadJS to handle asset loading.
  • Touch Events lets people on iPad play this game as well.
  • Soon, we can use Gamepad API to let people plug their home controllers and play this game as well!

And so, this game only works on very modern browsers.

Supported Browsers

  • Safari. Tested on Mac OS X 10.9. Safari has the lowest audio latency on Mac. Keysounds play almost instanteously.
  • MobileSafari. Tested on
    • iPad with Retina Display, running iOS 6.1.3.
    • iPad Air, running iOS 7.
  • Google Chrome. Tested on Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.9 with Chrome 31. Chrome has very slight audio latency, but most rhythm games I played also have this much latency.