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# We want the all target to be the implicit target (if no target is
# given explicitly on the command line) so mention it first.
# List all subdirectories here. Each contains its own Makefile.local
subdirs = compat completion emacs lib
# We make all targets depend on the Makefiles themselves.
global_deps = Makefile Makefile.config Makefile.local \
$(subdirs:%=%/Makefile) $(subdirs:%=%/Makefile.local)
# Sub-directory Makefile.local fragments can append to these variables
# to have directory-specific cflags as necessary.
extra_cflags :=
extra_cxxflags :=
# Get settings from the output of configure by running it to generate
# Makefile.config if it doesn't exist yet. And add Makefile.config to
# our global dependency list.
include Makefile.config
Makefile.config: configure
@echo ""
@echo "Note: Calling ./configure with no command-line arguments. This is often fine,"
@echo " but if you want to specify any arguments (such as an alternate prefix"
@echo " into which to install), call ./configure explicitly and then make again."
@echo " See \"./configure --help\" for more details."
@echo ""
# Finally, include all of the Makefile.local fragments where all the
# real work is done.
include $(subdirs:%=%/Makefile.local) Makefile.local
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