In this project we implemented the mummification process which a user can experience in Virtual Reality
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Egyptian Mummification VR Experience

This is a project for Virtual Reality (Spring 2016) class at University of Florida. The team consists of 3 graduate students:

  1. Izhar Shaikh (

  2. Sayak Biswas (

  3. Spandana Gangisetty (


  1. Egypt Thomb Asset From Krzysztof J.!/content/36586

  2. Medieval Props Pack!/content/41540

  3. STEVEN HALPERN Cymatic Imagery of Sacred Chant recorded Inside the Great Pyramid

  4. Fire SFX

  5. Sand Falling SFX

  6. PS4 Joystick Unity Mapping Tutorial by John Brown

  7. Mouse Squeak SFX

  8. Makehuman Skin

  9. Brain Model

  10. Lung Model

  11. Props for the Classroom!/content/5977

  12. Intestines

  13. Heart

  14. Sarcophagus Lid Slide Audio

  15. Table Texture

  16. CPU Tower model

  17. Keyboard Model

  18. Mouse Model

  19. Oculus Model

  20. Cardboard Model

  21. Portal Texture

  22. Simple Particle Ribbon!/content/42866

  23. Portal sounds