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LilyMini ProtoSnap

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LilyMini ProtoSnap (

The LilyMini ProtoSnap is a great way to create interactive e-textile circuits. At the center of the board is a pre-programmed LilyMini microcontroller connected to a LilyPad Light Sensor, LilyPad Button and two pairs of LilyPad LEDs.

Like other ProtoSnap boards, the LilyMini ProtoSnap has all of these parts connected together on the board, enabling you to play with the circuit before you sew. When you're ready to make your project, snap out the parts and sew them together!

The LilyMini ProtoSnap ships with pre-loaded code that exercises all the LilyPad pieces connected to it. The sample code has three modes, which can be selected by pressing the LilyPad Button on the bottom-left side of the ProtoSnap. The built-in RGB LED on the LilyMini will change color to indicate which mode has been selected:

  • White: All LEDs on.
  • Magenta: LEDs fade in and out in a breathing pattern. When the light sensor is covered, LEDs fade faster.
  • Cyan/Blue: When the board is in darkness, the LEDs will twinkle (perfect for night-lights)

You can use the built-in code to make your own projects (see the hook-up guide below), or you can reprogram the LilyMini using the Arduino system . Reprogramming instructions coming soon (1/1/17).

Repository Contents

This repository includes the hardware design files and binaries for the release firmware.
Reprogramming information and source code are coming soon (1/1/17).

  • /Documentation - Data sheets, additional product information
  • /Firmware - Preinstalled code
  • /Hardware - Eagle design files (.brd, .sch)
  • /Production - Production panel files (.brd)


  • Hookup Guide - Basic hookup guide and example projects for the LilyMini ProtoSnap

License Information

This product is open source! Please review the file for license information. If you have any questions or concerns on licensing, please contact This information is distributed as-is; no warranty is given.

Have fun! - Your friends at SparkFun.


We gratefully acknowledge the following people and groups for their open-source contributions:

  • Arduino LLC and Atmel Corporation/Thibaut Viard for bringing Arduino support to the SAMD21.
  • Justin Mattair of Mattairtech, Inc. for porting Arduino's SAMD21 bootloader and Shumatech's BOSSAC to the SAMD11.